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Welcome to advice party! We have created a new appoach to solving dilemmas that has never been seen before. The way it works is that you will type your question in and give a few options you are considering. You can then choose a character that will read your question to the people viewing your problem. Once the user hears your question they will vote on what you should do. Based on the votes you will get a good idea of what the best choice is. Its based on an idea of collective reasoning, a group of people will make the right choice most of the time.

This was in no a small way because of your kind and active help in my case.

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Step 1: Hear question by pressing the play button.
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I currently have a great job making pretty good money. I was just offered a new job for alot more money. I just don't think I will enjoy being at this new job as much as my current one.
Step 2: Based on your best judgement choose a solution.

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